Solution Management - Sage Pastel Evolution and Ostendo Business Intelligence

Posted by: Kevin Whitehead 6 years, 8 months ago

This week in Auckland, Sydney-based Sage channel distributors Usage presented  some of the latest business intelligence technology from Sage.

The advanced business intelligence module for Sage Pastel Evolution enables data from multiple data sources, including standalone applications, spreadsheets and operational databases like Ostendo to be combined into smart management reports.

Master of ceremonies Jeff Lewis used a strategically placed magazine of muffins on the front table to encourage focus by the Sage and Ostendo customers and partners attending the event.

Business intellegence officianado and self confessed geek Les Allen de-mystified business intelligence by promoting a process approach, starting with data collection improvement, and ending with the publishing of meaningful and accurate information in minutes instead of days.

Ostendo comes with a free link to Sage Pastel Evolution. Contact us for more information.

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