Solution Management - Ostendo on show at MYOB Conference 2014

Posted by: Kevin Whitehead 5 years, 5 months ago


Ostendo provides MYOB Partners with stock, job and manufacturing management options.

Ostendo Managing Director Jeff Keith explains how Ostendo with MYOB provides a comprehensive inventory management solution for companies using MYOB.

Companies which have recently implemented Ostendo in their business with Solution Management have done so for the following reasons :

  • Strong batch and expiry date traceability required in food, and manufacturing sectors.
  • Full barcode scanning and label printing functionality for efficient inward goods control, internal stock management, status tracking of orders and despatch.
  • Bills of Materials (BOMs) include routing with setup and resources, scrap percentage, multiple levels, and cost roll up.
  • Employee timesheets and tracking labour against standard times.
  • Inventory forecasting and automated inventory replenishment MRP functionality based on supply, demand, forecast and inventory re-order policy.
  • Purchase directly for stock, jobs, assembly orders or cost centres using inventory, descriptors (non-stock items) or supplier catalogues.
  • Track shipments directly to your customer’s address or outworker’s address.
  • Landed costing with multi-currency.
  • Multiple warehouse and multiple location stock management.
  • Comprehensive pricing levels, quantity breaks, discounts, and add-on sales against the inventory item.

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