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Adding an online webshop or customer portal can be a complex and expensive exercise.

Solution Management provides e-commerce website development and hosting services using the Mezzanine website platform.

We can assist with developing a complete website or work with your current developer to add a web page which loads the webshop and e-commerce functionality.

Mezzanine is a well designed website framework with a user friendly content management system (CMS).

Creating and updating web pages, news, products and user logins is easy.

After researching a number of website options and trying them out we settled on Mezzanine for our e-commerce website of choice.

A wide range of cost effective templates and customisation options are available. See

See how the CMS looks and works.

Integration options for your inhouse business software are extensive and cost effective compared to most older style e-commerce website solutions currently available.

Solution Management provides a robust link to Ostendo software with the following features :

  • Item description, pricing, available quantity updates. (Ostendo to Mezzanine Webshop)
  • Linked image upload. (Ostendo to Mezzanine Webshop)
  • Webshop sales order download  (Mezzanine Webshop to Ostendo)
  • Credit Card payment download  (Mezzanine Webshop to Ostendo)
  • On account customer order download  (Mezzanine Webshop to Ostendo)
  • Automated synch which completes all uploads and downloads in one operation .

For more information please contact

 An example from our Mezzanine webshop follows :



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