Solution Management - Comparing Handhelds and Tablets

Posted by: admin 6 years, 9 months ago

Determining the requirements is the first and most important step in deciding whether to use rugged tablets, notebooks, or handheld devices. In the past, price was the primary distinguishing factor when selecting handheld devices or tablets for use in service, warehouse, or on the shop floor. The price barrier is now eroded, and the diversity of handhelds and tablets being increased. Many cellular phones can now run software for use in the field if the device need not be rugged.

Requirements are typically either hardware requirements or software requirements. Some hardware requirements follow from software requirements and vice versa. This complex relationship makes sorting out the requirements important.

Common hardware requirements include:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • Rugged
  • Screen Size
  • Sensitivity of input devices

Software requirements are usually programs or types of programs that the device must run. Many of Solution Management's software solutions work best on Windows-based tablets and devices because they depend on software written for the Windows platform. Some of our networked and cloud-based solutions are accessible via the web, and can be used from iOS and Android devices.

As the gaps in the continuum between handhelds and tablets continue to be filled in, tablets and software highly specific to your requirements continue to emerge. Contact Solution Management for assistance with choosing the right hardware and software for your mobile computing.

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